Master Your Calm, Restore Your Bond With Your Children 
Break the Yelling Cycle
3-Day Mini Course (self-paced-Immediate lifetime access)
For parents of children 0-19

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Do you desire to discipline your child without causing harm or resorting to punishment or bribes?

Are you overwhelmed by power struggles, shouting matches, and bouts of parenting guilt?

Discipline Without Harm is the ultimate resource full of gentle discipline tools that will change your game.

Dive Deep Into:

💡 Module 1: Understanding the Yelling Cycle: You will learn why you can't stop yelling, even when trying to stay calm. Understand why this keeps happening so you can course-correct it before it’s too late. (It’s not about taking more breaths or breaks)

💡 Module 2: Tools for Instant Calm: Acquire actionable techniques to instantly regain your composure during heated moments with your children, ensuring your reactions align with the values you wish to impart.

💡 Module 3: Reconnect and Heal: I will show you the exact things to do and say to your children 0-19 years old to make things right after you've yelled, bringing them closer and ensuring they always feel loved and understood.

💡This mini-course includes 3 Modules with video classes, three workbooks, and recorded coaching calls with parents looking to break free from yelling. 

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When Children Ignore Us. What to Do.

Surpass the frustration of being ignored. This lesson equips you with practical strategies to capture and keep your child's attention

🎁 Bonus Video Lesson 2. Value: $57, get it FREE: 

How to Get Kids Moving During Daily Routine Transitions.

Say goodbye to morning chaos and bedtime battles. This lesson provides you with efficient techniques for smoother daily transitions and routines.

E-book: Discipline Without Harm 
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Game-Changing Tools for Gentle Discipline that Work!
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Hello, Parents! I’m Marcela.

I am happy you want to start parenting education with this course to break the yelling cycle. 
If you don’t know who I am, I am Marcela Collier, founder and CEO of HIC Parenting Education Agency. I am a certified parenting coach, positive discipline educator, and former therapeutic care provider. 
My mission is to provide you with all the tools and guidance you need to heal your reactivity, connect more with your children, and respond with what they need from you at any moment. 


Is there a time frame to finish the course?

No rush! This course is designed for life. Venture through at your pace and revisit as you wish.

Is this tailored for parents with small children? What about teenagers?

Undoubtedly! Our teachings resonate with parents of all children, from infancy to late teens.

Where Do I See My Mini Course?

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How Long Can I Access Members Area?

You have lifetime access to members' areas. Once you purchase any of our products, you get login information to the members’ area, where you’ll find all your products.

Do I Have To Pay A Monthly Fee To Access the Members’ Area?

No, you don’t. Once you purchase any of our products, you have free lifetime access to the members' area.

If I have questions, who should I contact?

If you have a customer-related question, you can email

What about parenting-related questions? 

This product is a self-paced course designed to provide a wealth of information and tools to break the cycle of yelling and restore the connection with your children.

While it doesn't come with direct parenting coaching, I'd recommend going through the entire course materials, as many questions are addressed within the content. 

If, after completing the course, you're still interested in more personalized guidance, consider applying for direct coaching.